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Customers' Comments

‘my Armpits and Legs look much better
and are much smoother than before’

Aerym LeePlaza /Singapura

Aerym Lee

I’ve always thought I had white, smooth legs, but due to having sensitive skin shaving them myself always leads to dry, red and swollen skin, spoiling the effect completely. I’ve tried all sorts of other hair removal methods, creams and waxing, but I was unable to solve both problems of redness and swelling at the same time, and even ended up with some ingrown hairs.

I decided to try IPL hair removal in the hope that it would bypass my issues with sensitive skin. I looked around thoroughly online and found Ginza Calla, who not only perform hair removal but also treat your skin with their own “Bihada-Junbi” lotion. Moisture is vital to my skin, due to being so sensitive, and so I decided to give them a try. At my first appointment the Ginza Calla staff looked closely at my skin, fully understanding that I not only have sensitive skin but also some eczema. They applied “Bihada-Junbi” lotion many times to my legs and at the same time told me lots of things that could help to alleviate my skin concerns.

I’ve now undergone five hair removal treatments, and my legs look much better and are much smoother than before, and even when hair does grow back I don’t have the same sensitivity issues as before. The staff are always giving me lots of advice and that’s helped to start clearing my eczema up too. I am truly grateful for the care and personal attention provided by Ginza Calla.

‘I can see visible result at my Armpits 2 months
after starting treatment’

Danielle Ho /Orchard, International Building

Danielle Ho

Ginza Calla provides a really comfortable hair removal experience, with friendly staff and detailed, considerate services. Especially good is the way you quickly get to start your treatment after arriving, rather than having to wait a long time. The staff also have the time and patience to carefully explain everything; although I’m normally quite nervous, I know I can relax in their care. Alongside hair removal they also provide skin care, and about 2 months after starting treatment the difference was clearly visible.

‘the growth of the hair at my Legs
and Brazilian areas are slower’

Ms Chan /Plaza Singapura

Danielle Ho

Previously, before I found out about Ginza Calla, I underwent hair removal for my pubic at a different salon but was not pleased with the results. Then a friend of mine happened to introduce me to Ginza Calla, and as the prices were quite reasonable I joined up to get my calf and V line done. I’ve only had 2 treatments so far, but the regrowth of the hair feels slower, and I’m very pleased with the results. Furthermore, they resist the kind of pushy approach that salons can often adopt, with staff who provide care and attention every time and explain everything clearly, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm. The attitude of the staff really brings home that you are being treated by a Japanese company! I’m hoping to introduce more of my friends to this wonderful service.

Customer’s Comments

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