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*Fieldwork contractors:Rakuten Research in JAPAN (February 2016)

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Merits of choosing Ginza Calla


Our speed hair removal is
NO Long term commitment.

  • Other salons'
    Over 2years.
  • Ginza Calla
    Only 1year.
  • Only 1 year to get rid of all of your unwanted hair.
  • The result is same as going to other salons for 2 years.
  • Meeting your needs of “faster result”.


How long does it take to do a session of full body treatment?

  • Other salons’
  • Ginza Calla
  • 2 sessions for full body hair removal takes only 90 minutes.
  • Speedy treatment with better result.
  • Easier to arrange your schedule.



Our IPL laser speed hair removal is
NO Pain.

  • No pain.
  • The latest “Premium Fast Pass Hair Removal” technology doesn’t hurt at all.
  • You only feel warm and more visible result.

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*Individual result varies.

Customer’s Comments

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We answer some frequently asked questions about hair removal and payment.

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